Tree Platform Removal

Sometimes it is nice to just give back to the community. Last year we were requested to remove a platform that had been erected in a jarrah tree in the College Grove bushland in Bunbury. Not only did we remove it, but we did it for free! Below is what City of Bunbury Councillor and Deputy Mayor, Brendan Kelly, had to say;

I would like to provide a big shout-out for the crew at the ARBOR GUY. Most people will remember the fight to save the College Grove bushland from development. As a Bunbury City Councillor I was part of that campaign, where a tree platform was erected to draw attention to the need to save the bush from the bulldozer. The campaign was a success, however the tree platform remained in its perch in a jarrah tree. Naturally we knew it had to come down, but we did not have a climber. Step-up Brett from the ARBOR GUY! Together with his crew, at no cost to the community, the old tree was climbed and the platform dismantled. Thanks heaps guys, that's what I call community spirit. Best wishes