Recruitment - We Need Staff!!!

Are you an Arborist??? Are you ready for a new adventure? We are looking for qualified staff to join our ever expanding team.

Dangerous Tree Removal - Crane Assisted

Sectional removal of a large tree in a confined area. The assistance of a crane was required to ensure no limbs fell on the surrounding infrastructure.

Donnelly River - Hazard Reduction

An Arbor Guy duo working 10km up the Donnelly River on trees listed on the Department of Parks and Water "Significant Tree Register". The area is only accessible by boat.

Giant Tingle Site

Coronet pruning of a tingle tree at the Giant Tingle site in Walpole.

Nannup Road Clearing

Clearing of roadside vegetation to allow for road widening. Certified Shot Firer contracted to assist in stump removal to reduce impact on road and retention trees. 

Working for the Department of Environment & Conservation

Arbor Guy has had the honour of maintaining trees for the Department of Environment and Conservation in some of the most pristine and sensitive locations in Western Australia. This is a small snippet of our work throughout 2009 to 2012...

Heli-Logging in British Columbia, Canada in 2007

Guy Badger, the Director of Arbor Guy, was part of an elite team of climbers in 2007 who undertook a revolutionary method of single stem harvesting in British Columbia, Canada. Considered to be one of the worlds most dangerous jobs - we will let you be the judge...