Main Roads Western Australia

In 2013 Arbor Guy commenced work on various projects for Main Roads Western Australia who are represented by Fulton Hogan.

These works have been involved with the storm damage clean up along the Bussell, Vasse and South West Highways which involved a dedicated crew with sub-contracted traffic management to complete pruning back of trees, removal of storm damage materials and realigning hazard debris breaching the clearance zones.

Department of Parks and Wildlife - Warren Region

Arbor Guy has been working for the Department of Parks and Wildlife (Department of Environment and Conservation) since 2009. It has been one of the company's most cherished contracts as it entails working throughout landscapes rich with an abundance of large old-growth trees. 

The work has included maintaining trees in the pristine locations of; the Valley of the Giants, the Diamond, Bicentennial and Gloucester trees, various tourist attractions and high amenity areas in the Warren Region.

The services provided have included pruning for safety and aesthetics; hazard tree removal; coronet pruning; cable bracing; pest and disease control, GIS mapping and consulting & reporting.

Edith Cowan University - Bunbury Campus

Arbor Guy has been contracted by the Bunbury campus to undertake parks and gardens maintenance throughout the campus.
Arbor Guy successfully works alongside Campus landscapers and consultants to achieve the desired outcomes. This great working relationship has meant that Arbor Guy is the only out-sourced tree contractor for the University

Ibex Aqua Pty Ltd

Arbor Guy was the sole tree company over a period of two years to assist in the re-development of a former caravan park to a new strata-titled resort. The contract entailed removing large peppermint trees and grinding stumps, whilst maintaining an adequate retention of pruned trees for both aesthetic and safety reasons. Throughout this two-year contract, the Arbor Guy team also offered advice through free tree hazard evaluations, provided large quantities of mulch to landscapers and assisted in the successful relocation of over thirty possums.