Contractual Services


Arbor Guy’s certified Arborists have a sound understanding of individual trees needs and how they change throughout time. They understand how each different species of trees will respond to every cut. They can determine the type of pruning that is required to improve the health, safety and appearance of each tree without causing any decay or paths for pests to enter. All cuts will be made as per arboricultural standards.



We have the capability to conduct works as diverse as ‘one off’ metropolitan street pruning to large scale bridge clearances and highway maintenance.  All of our equipment is maintained to Main Roads standards and our staff are suitably trained and qualified.  



As part of the street tree pruning requirements, Arbor Guy can assess and conduct pruning to lift canopies to enable pedestrian movement and allow vehicle vision clearances. The pruning techniques will also ensure that the trees regrowth will not prohibit vision for a longer period of time as fully qualified Arborists will manage the works.



We use the Arbor system Direct Inject system to inject through the tree’s bark to the cambium zone without damaging the tree’s sapwood.
Tree injection can be used to inject;

  • Insecticides and fungicides to deliver proven protection against destructive pests and harmful diseases.
  • Innovative Nutriboosters improve tree health and appearance, and boost recovery from chlorosis, drought, or transplanting.
  • Tree Growth Regulators to let you effectively manage tree growth or reduce


Arbor Guy has the capacity to remove stumps from just about any location. From one-off stumps in narrow, hard to access backyards to large scale land-clearing operations, we have a stump-grinder to suit. Our staff are trained and competent operators who will complete the job right the first time.



Tree support systems are used to provide supplemental support to leaders and individual branches by limiting movement.
When a tree has a structural defect or condition that poses a high risk of failure which may result in injury or property damage, a supplemental support system can often reduce the risk. 



Arbor Guy’s authorised Western Power Arborists [who are familiar with the Western Power Work Practice Manual Operational Work Practice Standards Section 10 – Vegetation Management Work Articles 10.1 through to Article 10.5] can easily evaluate the most cost effective solution for the Shire to reduce the number of complaints from the public and Western Power, reduce the scope of regrowth towards the conductors and preserve the health, safety and appearance of the trees as far as practicable. 



This technique is used for processing tree limbs and brush, sawmill waste, dimensional lumber scraps, pallets and for re-grinding wood chips.  It is a more productive method for reducing wood waste and creating a high quality mulch. 



We can assess trees and bushland in parks and gardens to ensure they are structurally sound and best suited to their environment to manage risk in high public volume areas. Given that these areas are public venues, Arbor Guy performs all of the works with consideration for public safety and with the aim of leaving the environmental integrity at the site intact. 



We can tell you whether or not a tree is suitable to transplant and implement an ongoing program from pre transplant to post transplant care.



The assessment of a tree’s condition in relation to tree-health and structural condition is often the first step in determining the value of your tree assets.  Only when we have an accurate analysis of tree condition can we plan for tree retention or removal. This is particularly pertinent to development sites.