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Are you an Arborist??? Are you ready for a new adventure? We are looking for qualified staff to join our ever expanding team.

Dangerous Tree Removal - Crane Assisted

Sectional removal of a large tree in a confined area. The assistance of a crane was required to ensure no limbs fell on the surrounding infrastructure.

Possum Box Installation

Recently Arbor Guy joined forces with the Geographe Catchment Council to help the critically endangered Western Ringtail Possum. GeoCatch now provides Arbor Guy with free possum boxes and if a client fits criteria and would like to have a box installed, we do so free of charge.

To promote this new partnership, Arbor Guy installed two possum boxes at the Vasse Primary School with a kindy and pre-primary class eagerly watching on. Guy Badger (Director of Arbor Guy) and Brett Moir (Works Manager) talked about their work as Arborist's and then climbed a native peppermint tree (Agonis flexuosa) to install the boxes. Jenelle Schult from GeoCatch gave a great presentation about the endangered possum and talked about the importance of helping preserve the population of possums in Busselton.

For more information on this initiative please contact Kate at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Tree Platform Removal

Sometimes it is nice to just give back to the community. Last year we were requested to remove a platform that had been erected in a jarrah tree in the College Grove bushland in Bunbury. Not only did we remove it, but we did it for free! Below is what City of Bunbury Councillor and Deputy Mayor, Brendan Kelly, had to say;

I would like to provide a big shout-out for the crew at the ARBOR GUY. Most people will remember the fight to save the College Grove bushland from development. As a Bunbury City Councillor I was part of that campaign, where a tree platform was erected to draw attention to the need to save the bush from the bulldozer. The campaign was a success, however the tree platform remained in its perch in a jarrah tree. Naturally we knew it had to come down, but we did not have a climber. Step-up Brett from the ARBOR GUY! Together with his crew, at no cost to the community, the old tree was climbed and the platform dismantled. Thanks heaps guys, that's what I call community spirit. Best wishes

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Location Location

We are privileged to work in some pretty spectacular locations throughout Western Australia. These are some recent photographs working in the Warren Region for the Department of Parks and Wildlife. The team sets up for the week in either nearby accommodation or on a friends houseboat to enjoy nature in their downtime.

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Big Tree Work

Our guys love climbing and working in big trees. We aim to maintain the health and safety of these old beauties at all times. Here are some of the crew working for DPaW in the Warren Region

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Log Carving

We recently had the opportunity to carve seating out of tree logs for the Parkwater Estate residents to utilise in Cowaramup. Instead of the logs going to waste after a necessary tree removal, they will now remain as a permanent feature in the area for families to enjoy.

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Donnelly River - Hazard Reduction

An Arbor Guy duo working 10km up the Donnelly River on trees listed on the Department of Parks and Water "Significant Tree Register". The area is only accessible by boat.

Air Spading Works

Air spades have given our Arborists access to the root systems of trees. 

Busselton Water - air spading allowed pipe installers to lay the pipe around the tree roots, instead of the excavator cutting through them, which would have ultimately resulted in potential tree failure. 

Busselton Foreshore - investigating whether the proposed lime stone wall footings would have an impact on the tree roots. 

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Giant Tingle Site

Coronet pruning of a tingle tree at the Giant Tingle site in Walpole.