Software Systems

Arbor Guy utilises modern and efficient software systems to support Arbor Guy’s commitment to HSEQA

Job Management

Arbor Guy has converted to a cloud- based specialised job management software system that ensures that Arbor Guy can:

  • Provide a streamlined service from start [quoting] to finish [invoice issued] every time
  • Deliver a prompt and reliable service
  • Integrate accounting software to keep financial management up to date and accurate
  • Track progress of every job, with the ability to give clients live updates
  • Maintain records of every client’s jobs
  • Ensure jobs sites are more efficient, with the ability to include detailed descriptions of required works, photographs of site and maps of the property to assist the team leaders with each job specific requirements
  • Allow staff to work in remote locations throughout Western Australia by having live access to the works requests
  • Track and manage staff training, inductions and qualifications
  • Continue towards the company’s goal to be paperless
  • Portal to provide client access and information

Fleet Management

Arbor Guy utilises fleet management software which offers the following accountability:

  • GPS fleet mapping
  • Performance reporting
  • Prompt alerts
  • Safe driving feature
  • Time on site
  • Route history
  • Vehicle Idle management
  • Maintenance scheduling
  • Reliable ETA’s
  • Emergency dispatch

Managing Risk in the Urban Forest

Arbor Guy assists its customers with managing tree risk by documenting risk assessments.

By using specialist software, Arbor Guy’s qualified arborists have access to information and the ability to collect data using devices in the field. Whether it’s field data collection, workflow management, risk assessment methodologies, smart forms or navigable maps, Arbor Guy has the resources to undertake high level tree risk assessments in the field.

Some of the types of tree risk assessments that Arbor Guy can undertake are listed below:

  • QTRA