Guiding Values

Our Values provide us with the direction and clarity that we can measure every action against. They are the cornerstones of our business.

Promotion of nature's gift (trees)

We believe in the benefits of trees and we promote their worth by the way we care for them as we carry out Arbor Guy work.

Building positive teams & strong spirits

We conduct our work, our communications and our interactions with a positive outlook and a 'can-do' attitude.

Being passionate and determined

We only hire people who are passionate about the tree industry and determined to make positive changes to our current and future standards and practices.

Learning, educating and innovating

We continuously review and then when it is required, improve our work practices, our commitments and our working relationships.

Duty of care

We maintain a healthy and safe working environment to ensure that our team members go home from work in as good or better condition than when they arrived.

Customer care

Our clients are our driving force and we build strong relationships and deliver on our promises. Our attitudes and actions convey to them that 'Nothing is too much trouble'.


We understand how our actions and attitudes influence the people we interact with. We actively choose to influence people positively.

Brand Promises

Our brand makes daily promises about the quality, safety and consistency of our work. We consciously deliver upon those promises in every aspect of what we do at Arbor Guy.