• One of Arbor Guys guiding values is Sustainability, Arbor Guy has high standards relating to material handling, re-use, recycling and disposal.
  • Arbor Guy’s management team conduct regular site and depot audits to ensure compliance with the documented environmental system and current legislation and regulations.
  • Arbor Guy has staff trained in the appropriate identification and management of fauna. When required, accredited animal handlers are engaged to assist in the management of fauna
  • Arbor Guy supports the recycling and redeployment of habitat structures, such as hollow logs and limbs, within adjoining forest and / or offset areas.
  • Arbor Guy maintains a fleet of modern machinery and equipment and has a fleet management software program which enables tracking of fuel consumption and fuel efficiency.
  • The utilisation of battery-powered saws on some projects in or near environmentally sensitive areas reduces the impact of noise on native species such as the endangered ring tail possum and the saws do not produce the emissions that petrol-powered saws do.
  • Arbor Guy engages an Environmental Consultant who is on hand to assist with spill response, erosion control, alternative landscape management advice, bushfire mitigation advice and environmental monitoring.
  • Additionally, Arbor Guy is currently working towards obtaining ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System.

Arbor Guy’s commitment to the environment was recognised at the 2020 South West Business Excellence Awards.