Urban Forestry Management


An “urban forest” refers to all vegetation growing within an urban environment, which is divided into two categories: the understory such as shrubs hedges up to 3 meters, and the canopy which is any vegetation above 3 meters.

Arbor Guy provides sustainable urban forest tree management services, in addition Arbor Guy can provide urban forest services such as tree surveys and inventories which include information such as:

  • Number of trees;
  • Tree size (including diameter);
  • Tree age and condition (useful life expectancy);
  • Location;
  • Maintenance need and priority;
  • Proximity to infrastructure such as utilities;
  • Infrastructure damage;
  • Pest and disease;

Tree attributes and location data are collected using handheld computers, geographic information systems (GIS) data, and/or geographic positioning systems (GPS) equipment.

Significant tree canopy takes a long time to establish and is a long term investment. It is important to use qualified arborists like Arbor Guy to undertake tree maintenance to ensure the best long term outcomes for urban trees.