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  • We provide a range of services that ensure you and your environment are taken care of properly.
  • We provide a range of services that ensure you and your environment are taken care of properly.
  • We use the latest GPS Tracking and data management technology for accurate reporting.
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So, Why Hire An Arborist?Let's break it down for you

A certified arborist understands the needs of individual trees and will only practice acceptable techniques and treatments, always keep in mind how the tree will react, develop and grow further down the track.

A non-arboricultural tree lopping service can provide a short-term solution that quite often will then require further work a lot sooner than necessary.

Why Hire an arborist?

Trees restore natural harmony in an urban environment, giving scale to human life. Trees are alive, like us, and require an investment and continuous maintenance in order to provide the maximum desired benefits. Some benefits include:

  • Structural Longevity: A correctly pruned tree with ensure its future growth will keep its shape and integrity for years to come.
  • Increase Property Value: well-cared landscape properties are 5-20% more valuable than non-landscaped.
  • Air Filtration: filters out particulate matter and absorbing harmful gases
  • Purifies Water: slows and filters rain water and protects aquifers & watersheds
  • Cost Reduction: reduces yearly heating and cooling costs by 2.1 billion dollars
  • Climate Control: obtained by moderating the effects of sun, wind, and rain

For a healthy and long life, trees need the proper maintenance. Therefore, in order to provide proper tree care, you should refer to a certified arborist.

What Our Customers Said

  • Once again to say thanks to the contractor, they have done an awesome job and made the trees look great. Visitors have really noticed them and say it looks lovely when you are driving down the street.
    Cr Karen SteeleCouncillor
    City of Bunbury
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